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Your hydraulic hoses are a crucial component of your hydraulic assembly, and proper maintenance should not be overlooked. Hydraulic hoses have an outer layer for protection and an inner hose that can be at risk of damage if the outer layer corrodes or rusts away. In the event of a hose failure, you'll lose hydraulic pressure and risk contamination to your system, which can have a damaging effect on your hydraulic cylinders.

Common Causes of Hydraulic Cylinder Failure

When it comes to construction equipment or recovery machinery, hydraulic cylinders play a vital role in their function. To prevent unexpected breakdowns and maintain the longevity of your equipment, we offer repair and inspection services for hydraulic hoses and cylinders of all kinds.


Contaminated hydraulic fluid can cause serious damage to your hydraulic cylinders. Depending on the type of contaminant, you may end up with scratched or warped cylinder housing or even chemical degradation of the inner components. If you suspect contamination in your hydraulic lines, bring your equipment to our shop for proper service.

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Applying excessive force to your hydraulic cylinder in a direction it wasn't designed for can result in damage. For example, a boom is intended for up-and-down movement, not side-to-side. Don't make the mistake of thinking hydraulic systems are immune to damage - they can still break under extreme pressure.

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