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Diagnosing issues with diesel truck's HVAC systems can be a complex task due to the many components that can contribute to problems. A thorough understanding of the specific make and model of your diesel truck is crucial for accurately diagnosing HVAC system issues.

At Pete's Fleet Service, our team of experienced mechanics are fully trained and equipped to handle all classes of diesel trucks' HVAC issues. We have the knowledge and technology to diagnose problems such as poor airflow, strange odors coming from vents, inaccurate temperature readings, and refrigerant system leaks.

Common Light-Duty HVAC Problems

A malfunctioning evaporator core is a common problem in light-duty trucks.  The evaporator core removes excess moisture from your truck cab.  You can tell if this component is not working properly because you’ll notice a build-up of moisture on your windshield and dashboard. In most cases, we can clean the evaporator core and save you from having to replace the entire component. 

Another common light-duty HVAC problem is clogged air ducts. This issue can usually be blamed on failure to change out your cabin air filter. 

Mechanic performing AC repair on semi truck in Watertown, South Dakota

Medium and Heavy-Duty HVAC System Repair

Medium and heavy-duty truck drivers usually spend a lot of time in their trucks. It is even more critical that these operators keep their HVAC systems in tip-top condition. Especially if you drive in areas where weather conditions can quickly change, a working HVAC system will impact your visibility and overall driving comfort. At Pete's Fleet Service, we provide medium and heavy-duty HVAC services to customers passing through Watertown, SD. 

Common Heavy-Duty HVAC Problems

Heavy-duty HVAC problems are often similar to that of light-duty HVAC systems. Clogged ducts resulting from poor preventive maintenance are common, as well as a malfunctioning evaporator core. In some cases, your condenser may also short out and needs to be replaced. Regardless of your issue, you can count on our team to have your back. 

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